Tuesday, October 17, 2006

My bad

As the wrath of Finals here at DeVry finally starts to set into the recesses of my mind, and the impending doom of my soon-to-be-bad-grades-if-I-don't-turn-in-all-my-missing assignments is finally realized, I completely forgot to keep up with this damn blog. I'm sorry.

As far as the LäWhy? Design Braintrust, I've got some things cooking up, but am just weighing my options and dealing with the numerous miscommunications/problems I'm having our current printer and designer(s). I know I'm the small fry in this industry of elitist giants, but hey, I still count god damn it.

But whatever, enough ranting.

The bandana will be dropping very soon, in very limited amounts. So if you're a geek like me, keep your eyes peeled and check back here for drop info.

And if you like the OG of allover prints (aka camoflauge, the ONLY allover that will survive), then you'll like what we might be working with. Here's a preview of one of the potential patterns: