Tuesday, December 12, 2006


My apologies for the lack of updates/halt in influx of new product; school is racking my brain, family health situations got me stressed, and fundage to get the next couple of projects printed has been scarce.

Not to worry though. Doesn't mean that we ain't cookin' nothing up.

I'ma try and post up better detail pics of the Symbiote bandana by itself (And yes, it is a tribute to Venom for all the people who can't read into subtlety out there), so as to give you all a better look at what a nifty/twisted product it is.

This bandana/mask is definitely a good thing to have handy while snowboarding, bombing your local billboards (with paint of course), concealing your identity while robbing a bank, or even just to wear while cruising the mall and getting people to look at you like you're crazy. Get at me.