Monday, December 18, 2006

MAMA mia

Now THIS is the kind of shit I can get down with. Us here at LäWhy? are upstarts/semi-newbs to this industry (though technically we've been here since '99), but I personally have always envisioned moving past prints/modifications on existing clothing to doing full on cut-and-sew as well as print. This dope example of clothing here is brought to you by Gabriella and the crew over at Mama, via their men's line One Hit Wonder. Quilted hoodie? 5 please. So simple, yet they get and execute something I would totally work with as well. Much love to Mama, check them out.

As for LäWhy?, we have to settle for what our menial budget allows for at the moment. Nonetheless, we aim to please in the most random ways possible. Though there has been some controversy over the Symbiote bandana (*cough* Haters *cough*), there's no such thing as bad free publicity. $14 shipped is what we're asking, so make sure to hit me up for info.

For the next graphic, think Ali's "Phantom Punch" meets Married with Children. Sound absurd? Good, that's how we do.