Thursday, April 24, 2008

Army Str....wrong?

Found this on Frank, thought I'd post it here, since dude stays locally. I'd love to find one of these sets. I'm on the lookout!

"I install the army sets in various department stores across Los Angeles in the toy section of the store. The piece blends in with the other military figures at first glance. With a closer look, the viewer will get a suprise with the package and contents. They are all hand painted army men from all races. The package reads “Army Set includes: poor and middle class people. Bonus! Includes one special limited edition rich gold soldier!!!” On the back of the packaging it reads “Made in the USA, then shipped to Iraq.”

‘I think I want to remind the shoppers / viewer that they, or their sons or daughters, could be targeted as a potenial canidate to fight a senseless war. Maybe because they don’t have much money or might be lost and look at the military as a way out. so I’m dealing with the class system and trying to shine light and remind the viewer with their children in hand that they should protect them and remind them that they have many options.

‘I have created 50 of these and plan to keep on installing them till they are all gone. So if you find one at your local department store, you can have it because they don’t sell them there anyhow. They are all signed and numbered on the back with graphite.’

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