Sunday, June 29, 2008


Since the economy's been in a slump,I find myself going to events/doing things that are $Free.99. The line is still existent, just waiting for more cost efficient launch times. Meanwhile, I'll give some insight as to what me and the LäWhy? crew do to waste time.

The homie Dom & his cronies hosted a pedal of a shindig @ Brooklyn Projects, to celebrate BMX's history via Freestylin' Magazine, as well as its entry into the Beijing Olympic Games as a legitimate event. The video below highlights Dom and a few BMX legends speaking on the evening and the times and events that culminated in the rich history the Retrospective book encompasses.

(BTW, check the video of the event below. Behind Dominic, LäWhy? makes a cameo, sort of. The fatass in the black T facing away from the camera holding the New Era is yours truly, while the homie in the plaid is LäWhy? agent Lance.)

Kuwahara ET-1 (aka Elliott's Bike from E.T.)

Haro number plates done up by various BMX pros/enthusiasts/artists

Hutch Bikes' fabled Golden Trickstar, made famous by Woody Itson.

& Lance partaking in the best reason to be at BP that night, or anywhere else: free booze.