Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Durrty Souf

Just took a trip to visit the homie John & his wifey in Knoxville, Tennessee. If you've never really stepped out of the Golden State and seen how different the other side of our country is, I suggest you do so. Metropolitan areas are much the same, but the back country is a sight to see.

The Smoky Mountains

This is literally homeboy's backyard. I shot this from his deck.

I could've sworn Hazzard County was in Georgia.

Saw, and was in, the Sunsphere...

...although the whole dilapidated, wig filled vision from The Simpsons had me thinking differently of what I'd see. It was chill in person, with a bar/lounge in the upper portion.

Night flight back to reality

Unpacking important luggage

...and cleaning it up

All in all, an awesome weekend. I've got a more extensive checklist for the next time I'm out there (which shouldn't be too far off). Thanks again to John & Renee for putting me up and feeding my fat ass. Gotta return the favor when you come back to LA.