Saturday, April 25, 2009

Bayside Blue

As you may know, I have an affinity for cars. As you may also know (or guess from some LäWhy?-related posts/designs), I also have a thing for nostalgia. Hence, my next automotive endeavor will be restoring a 1976 Datsun 280Z, much like the one below, but a bit more dilapidated.

The car's nostalgia factor is immense. Set aside the storied history of Nissan Z-cars, and there is still much to be told. the particular Z-car I'm working on has a lot of personal history as well. My father purchased this Datsun as his first car when he emigrated here to California from the Philippines.

I'm currently in the process of relocating it from my uncle's backyard (Pops gave it to him since he owed him some cash a year or so after I was born) to the casa, but it's a delicate process. After getting everything sorted out and just getting it running normal and clean again after sitting idle for at least 8-9 years, I'll be swapping the motor for something more modern (likely still Z-power, just 21st century) and new paint. Perhaps the shade shown below?