Monday, May 04, 2009

Thug (after)Life

By now, most of you out there have at least seen or heard that "the boy 'Pac" was out and about, drankin' in N'awlins recently. Entertaining, but please. The man is gone, let him be so already.

Even so, I got to thinking and remembering what a juxtaposition 2Pac was, the image he portrayed versus the thoughts and lyrics he expressed. You had the cat who was strictly for his N.I.*.*.A.Z., yet he showed in many of his songs and introspective musings that he was aware and sensitive to the struggles of the opposite sex. If a rapper were to pull something like this today, you'd call him either a Pac biter or a Pause. Homo. Anyhoo, here's video of Pac dissecting and discussing "Keep Ya Head Up" to a classroom of young mothers.