Monday, September 28, 2009

Four wheels of fury

I've got love for all wheeled vehicles, whether you drive, push, ride, or do whatever with them.

A game of S-K-A-T-E with your friends might seem alright; watching pros duke it out @ The Berrics is likely infinitely more entertaining (since they can do better tricks than your homie who looks like he can rip, but can barely kickflip or even Tic-Tac). Here's a sample vid of Chris Cole vs. Dennis Booze-and-Tits:

and here's the current bracket standings

Longboarding is also chill. Especially if you're a hot chick who boards. Here's one riding a plank made/sold by my cuz-in-law Shahram's company, Pacific Systems

Still seems kind of cliche to be talking about anything MJ-related, but I always dug Moonwalker. Crazy to think that a concept car from 1970 could still appear futuristic in the 1980s