Thursday, October 15, 2009

Hoosier Daddy

Getting fat(ter) here in the East is even easier for Jay and me. Not that eating's all we've been doing, but we had to get it in while the gettin' was good. Got mad pics that I am unable to post until I get back, but here's a sample. (This will likely be nothing special to you unless you're West Coast babies like myself, but this is my blog, so ha!)

Meat Feast pizza from Pizza King; Barq's Red Creme Soda

Homemade banana bars

Some finds to add to my plate collection (Trying to get all 50 states, and any vintage/unique personalized ones as well)

Jay getting all artistic/WDYWT at Dallas/Forth Worth Airport

My shitty attempt @ the Children's Museum of Indianapolis

BTW, said museum was pretty cool, although there were many things abound that could be interpreted in a sexual manner (Either that, or I'm just more perverted than usual)

Even Pops got in on the innuendo

Wish I got a full shot of this dinosaur's fossils. It was like part-dragon.

Whattup Pharrell

As prevalent as Denny's is in California, but with better food and a gift shop attached to every one. Lucked out that this one was 1000 feet away from my motel room

Kid in a candy store. Literally.

Lady Gumby & PokeyFace

And forget Pedobear, this well-endowed pedophiliac sock chimp is all you need to be aware of around your young nubile daughters

More, less-twisted stuff when I land back home tomorrow.