Sunday, October 18, 2009

Hoosier State of Mind

Upon arriving back home, I discovered that my crappy phone camera (which had recently lost it's outer lens), which I had been relegated to using whilst at The Indianapolis Super Speedway, took pics very poorly. Regardless here goes:

Jay doin' work @ White Castle our first day there

The next day, headed here

Some classic Ford/Lotus racers. Ill.

Harley Bonneville racer/rocket

"The Pagoda" while on-track. I'm still kicking myself for not having proper gear to shoot the tour while ON the track. SMH.

Don't ever say diesels don't go fast

I must not be a winner that often, as I'm somewhat lactose-intolerant lately.

The King's car: Often imitated but never duplicated

Check the width on this 935

A sick garage setup, even by today's standards
Then, while at the Cracker Barrel (again!), spotted this. Interesting... that milk up there would go great with this, or maybe a Coke. No, wait, that'd be overkill.

Thanks for the hospitality Catherine & family. See you all again soon.