Thursday, October 08, 2009

Okay! No Me Yaw Key

Had a hankering for something Japanese aside from sushi and the regular Yoshinoya run. Luckily, my cuzzo Tracy hit me and the kid brother up for a trip out to our fave (albeit a bit out of town) okonomiyaki spot, GaJa.

There are griddle stations/condiment trays/utensils set up in the center of every table for cooking your own okonomiyaki (aka Japanese pancake/pizza hybrid), and the ingredients will come out to you in a bowl like this
(Or, if your a lazy-@$$, they'll cook it for you in the back kitchen, since they also offer up a bunch of other izakaya goodies and other treats)

Once it's near delicious completion and flipped once, it should look something like this

We were all too hungry and antsy for me to take proper pics of everything, but here's a shot of the sausage & cheese version Jay & I shared (sucker was HUGE, as big as the plate!)

The other highlight of the night, by far, was "The Kid".

He's a cute little dude, with an awesome name. (Think Mortal Kombat's resident Thunder God)

Trace, after heckling me to help her decide, settled on this monstrosity for dessert:

A huge Pyrex cup chock-full of shave ice-condensed milk-pudding awesomeness

Jay had this parfait that was heaping with doriyaki, mochi, ice cream, Frosted Flakes(!), and a bunch of other tooth-melting win

I'm getting sad just looking back at all of that. Makes me want to be back there already.