Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Culinary Abominations

These two aren't anything like the Bacon Explosion or any of that other schlock you see out there, but creativity (or a lack thereof) and hunger spawned these things, and being the broke college grad that I am...

The LäWhy-Did-I-Eat-That?, a CPK Sicilian pizza topped with White Castle Slyders (not frozen, flown in from Indianapolis). A guaranteed case of the sharts, but hey, it's awesome if your drunk/faded/lazy/strapped for time/any combination of the former.

This one, I didn't necessarily create, but found while perusing the "impulse section" near the register at Trader Joe's

Notice that it's a candy bar of sorts, with Potato chips in it. POTATO CHIPS. It does taste good, but why not try to market the whole savory/sweet/salty combination in something a little healthier? (P.S. Loooooooove you.)