Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Norwegian Wu'd

Mash-ups are nothing new, but I just had to DL this one once I saw the cover. I stumbled upon a link to this album that didn't work, so I had to hunt around a bit and found an article on The NY Times about it:

Even among music fans whose tastes are omnivorous enough to include the Beatles and the Wu-Tang Clan, most people would not necessarily want to listen to both bands at the same time. Most people are not Tom Caruana, a 28-year-old music teacher and producer from Brighton, England, who spent about two months stitching together Beatles and Wu-Tang samples to create “Enter the Magical Mystery Chambers,” a mashup album that unites the Fab Four and the fearsome hip-hop collective.

Since he posted it on the Internet earlier this month, Mr. Caruana said that “Enter the Magical Mystery Chambers” has been downloaded more than 27,000 times from his Web site, teasearecords.net. The project has also received widespread attention in publications from The Fader to GQ, and even got a shout-out from the Wu-Tang rapper Raekwon, who described it as “ill” on his Twitter account. Mr. Caruana’s work has also drawn numerous comparisons to “The Grey Album,” the Beatles/Jay-Z mashup created by Danger Mouse that drew disapproving attention from the Beatles’ record label, EMI.

Caruana's original download point has since expired, but you can safely DL it here on zSHARE.