Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Aks about me

Formspring, aka a semi-entertaining time-waster. Ask away, and ye shall receive golden nuggets of wisdom, not to mention that LäWhy? wit and humor you've come to crave.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Damn, 2 weeks w/no update?!?

My bad, folks. Been caught up with the job hunt and various other activities/nuisances that plague but have made up my existence as of late. On-again, off-again ladyfriend (she's not my special lady!) cooks for me every now and then, and when we're not arguing over something trivial, it's actually not bad at all. Wish I'd gotten pictures of the stroganoff she made the other night, but even a simple breakfast speaks volumes to my gut.

Beef, mushroom, spinach, & Swiss/Monterey Jack omelette, Purefoods hot dogs (she's not even Pinay!), riceI squiggly-indiscernible-character you, too.

And I've also, over the last couple of weeks, endured the 9th circle of Hell also known as our ever-loving local branch of the Department of Motor Vehicles on several occasions. My environmental license plates for the Z came in, and I was forced to traverse the grounds I never bother with otherwise (Thanks to AAA, I just handle most other DMV transactions at a local AAA branch instead, much nicer). Snapped a few shots of the Z alongside the MCV20, who also got a sorely needed front end paint refresh (that hood was looking type nasty)

Thursday, March 11, 2010

(Taco) Truckin'

Here in L.A., you'd have to have your head waaaaaaaay up your pooper to not notice that roach coaches have actually become a desirable food destination for most everyone, not just your workaday blue collars as in previous years. I've always been down for them, as it's often decent food at reasonable pricing. However, marketing heads and "chefs" thought it novel to buy some trucks of their own and have ridiculous line-ups for supposedly "accessible" gourmet reinterpretations of traditional street food. I'm not hating on the concept, but I do think it's getting a bit far-fetched. I remember trying Kogi in their infancy one random drunk night out in front of Green Door in Hollywood, and it wasn't bad. Good, but definitely not worth waiting for in a line that ends up being like something at Magic Mountain or Disneyland on a given night. Anyhow I'll save that rant for another night. Earlier tonight, I decided to hold it down for one of the OGs here in the Valley: for Mexicans (and anyone else down to enjoy), by Mexicans, and no goddamn hipsters in sight? I can dig it.

No name will be given, but this and many others like it are scattered all across the SFV/LA area. Think outside the hype. Asada burrito w/cheese and al pastor tacos, $5.50 for all seen here.
and for indulging the sweet tooth afterward, this JDM masterpiece: Japan-spec Ginger Ale flavored Kit Kat (sounds weird, tastes like happy)

Now to go punish myself and run through this cold-ass night. Or not.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


It's been a while since I've given an update on the Z. Not too much to update about, since the economy is kicking my college-educated ass, but I'm stockpiling little parts here and there.

She's currently nestled in the garage (at least until the windy/rainy season ends; gotta find the rotted rubber that's letting in water), then it's back to being tarped and parked back in the side yard nookButt shot. It also shows the Wink 5-panel rear view mirror that came with the car. Don't know if I want to keep it or not just yet. That rear bumper's gotta go too.
Underhood, the L28E still exists. She fires up consistently; dude I bought it from did a good job replacing hoses and tuning it up, since it wasn't his original intention to sell the car, but keep it. Lucky for me. It'll do the job until replacement time comes.

And for those asking, yes the paint is new. Not original, but quite decent. Luis, the previous owner, sprayed for a living, so he stripped the car to the bare metal and resprayed it. I don't think it'll stay white, but it was a pleasant bonus to get along with the car itself for the price I paid him for it. After the Solara gets its refresh (which is going on as we speak), mod efforts will shift more dramatically to the S30. Until next time...

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Mac(adamia) Daddy

Kinda hungry, and could could really go for some ono Hawaiian grindz right about now. However, the closest substitute here in the Valley is L&L, so maybe I'll search for something cheaper. Meanwhile, this makes me chuckle, but then crave some just because I've never tried something so ludicrous.

Monday, March 01, 2010

Shaggin' Wagons

There's always been a soft spot in me somewhere (no, sicko) for tuned station wagons. They are quite possibly the most contradictory machines ever, and that's what makes them appealing to me. I will have one somewhere down the road, but the Z project will have to be finished, and I'd need a place of my own to store all of these vehicles.

R31House R31 Skyline Estate

WC34 Stageas with R34 GT-R front ends

M35 Stagea w/R35 GT-R front end

Legacy Wagon by Hippo Sleek (fun name, & those wheels look familiar...)

another Legacy

RS4 Avant

Hennessey Magnum SRT500

& of course, a personal fave, Taka Aono's DD MX73 Cressida wagon

I could go on all day. I'll instead go and be productive.

Anime-ry Jane

Never thought I'd think squinty Kirsten Dunst would be attractive in my eyes after Bring It On and the first Spider Man flick, but it took her emulating an anime character with blue hair to do it. I am a geek for JP culture, anything Murakami, and Akihabara (well, Tokyo in general), so maybe that's why this video is cool to me. Semi-NSFW due to random flashes of anime nudity/suggestiveness, but nothing graphic. BTW, I like the original version of this song by The Vapors, but this cover blows. Oh well, can't get it all right all the time, I guess.