Friday, March 26, 2010

Damn, 2 weeks w/no update?!?

My bad, folks. Been caught up with the job hunt and various other activities/nuisances that plague but have made up my existence as of late. On-again, off-again ladyfriend (she's not my special lady!) cooks for me every now and then, and when we're not arguing over something trivial, it's actually not bad at all. Wish I'd gotten pictures of the stroganoff she made the other night, but even a simple breakfast speaks volumes to my gut.

Beef, mushroom, spinach, & Swiss/Monterey Jack omelette, Purefoods hot dogs (she's not even Pinay!), riceI squiggly-indiscernible-character you, too.

And I've also, over the last couple of weeks, endured the 9th circle of Hell also known as our ever-loving local branch of the Department of Motor Vehicles on several occasions. My environmental license plates for the Z came in, and I was forced to traverse the grounds I never bother with otherwise (Thanks to AAA, I just handle most other DMV transactions at a local AAA branch instead, much nicer). Snapped a few shots of the Z alongside the MCV20, who also got a sorely needed front end paint refresh (that hood was looking type nasty)