Monday, March 01, 2010

Shaggin' Wagons

There's always been a soft spot in me somewhere (no, sicko) for tuned station wagons. They are quite possibly the most contradictory machines ever, and that's what makes them appealing to me. I will have one somewhere down the road, but the Z project will have to be finished, and I'd need a place of my own to store all of these vehicles.

R31House R31 Skyline Estate

WC34 Stageas with R34 GT-R front ends

M35 Stagea w/R35 GT-R front end

Legacy Wagon by Hippo Sleek (fun name, & those wheels look familiar...)

another Legacy

RS4 Avant

Hennessey Magnum SRT500

& of course, a personal fave, Taka Aono's DD MX73 Cressida wagon

I could go on all day. I'll instead go and be productive.