Thursday, March 11, 2010

(Taco) Truckin'

Here in L.A., you'd have to have your head waaaaaaaay up your pooper to not notice that roach coaches have actually become a desirable food destination for most everyone, not just your workaday blue collars as in previous years. I've always been down for them, as it's often decent food at reasonable pricing. However, marketing heads and "chefs" thought it novel to buy some trucks of their own and have ridiculous line-ups for supposedly "accessible" gourmet reinterpretations of traditional street food. I'm not hating on the concept, but I do think it's getting a bit far-fetched. I remember trying Kogi in their infancy one random drunk night out in front of Green Door in Hollywood, and it wasn't bad. Good, but definitely not worth waiting for in a line that ends up being like something at Magic Mountain or Disneyland on a given night. Anyhow I'll save that rant for another night. Earlier tonight, I decided to hold it down for one of the OGs here in the Valley: for Mexicans (and anyone else down to enjoy), by Mexicans, and no goddamn hipsters in sight? I can dig it.

No name will be given, but this and many others like it are scattered all across the SFV/LA area. Think outside the hype. Asada burrito w/cheese and al pastor tacos, $5.50 for all seen here.
and for indulging the sweet tooth afterward, this JDM masterpiece: Japan-spec Ginger Ale flavored Kit Kat (sounds weird, tastes like happy)

Now to go punish myself and run through this cold-ass night. Or not.