Monday, September 13, 2010

A Fair Affair

Okay, so sue me. I actually have multiple posts, but haven't published them. I'm lazy, I admit it. I'm also grinding hard to find better paychecks, so sue me. Hit up the LA County Fair in Pomona opening weekend (last weekend), and proceeded to ruin my so-called diet.

I won't get into too many details, as if you're an LA-area local, you should check it out for yourself. Kid brother here may not look stoked, but he was taken aback by how ginormous his damn corn dog was

Needless, to say, it (and the other heart-stopping treats the GF, kidbro, and I partook of) were (see below)
Yes, it's a real place (stop by if you're around Northridge), and yes, the fair vittles were on point. A bit pricey, but on point.

I would've just done a food porn edition of the Fair, but I'll probably do that on the next visit. I was set on actually checking out the exhibits. There was one on the timeline of technology that was interesting, especially when it comes to photography, printing, and transportation.
                                        Remember Funsavers?

I also ran over to the NHRA Museum, because the car nerd inside me implored me to

New-age General Lee
Intercooler's bigger than the motor

Carbon fiber seeing real use

I8TOKYO, Godzilla reference

Wheelie bars, on a FWD CRX?!?

Not really digging the dragon treatment, but still legendary

I really want a dope wagon with towing capability
I want a dope wagon with towing capability

More on this later.