Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Trippin: Megan Racing

Went by Megan Racing, in the City of Industry, late last week to wrap up test-fitting on their soon-to-be-released Street series coilovers for 99-03 Solaras/92-01 Camrys. They have Naoki & co. in charge of their install/maintenance duties, so I'm in good hands, and in the presence of drift greatness
Taka Aono's infamous Flying 86
Alex Pfeiffer's Xtreme Drift Circuit SC300
The build thread for this thing was epic, the entire chassis was even media blasted/powdercoated candy red before being put back together. Damn...
I posted previously about Naoki's beastly DD J30, but this angle really show how mean the fitment on this thing is. Dirty and all, one of my fave street drift cars.
What ho, a Datsun that I can't even begin to fit in...
WIth an SR20 waiting to be wired/plumbed in?!? Damn this portly stature of mine...

Didn't stick around for too long, since I'll be back in a month or so to get some shorter front springs to get maximum low. However, being in Rowland Heights, I decided to grab a snack that I wouldn't be able to get near home, from Genki Living.
Mmmm, Hiroshima style bacon/yakisoba okonomiyaki. May not be the clearest/most appetizing shot, but best believe it's piff
I get the 'itis all over again just looking at all of this.