Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Being that this time of year is about celebration (even moreso for me since my birthday is Veteran's Day) and hanging with family and loved ones, I'll shed a bit of light on a few key people who influence me and LäWhy?

Kid brother, on his birthday. He will forever be a kid in a man-boy's body, a Peter Pan of sorts. Who wouldn't want to be a kid forever? I know I would. Oh yeah, he used to salivate uncontrollably, so laway was a common phrase for him to hear from our parents and grandma, so you could kind of say the brand's namesake is, well, him. Kinda.

Homer and Mark, cousins from my Mom's side and my Dad's side of the family, respectively. They are the closest to my age on either side, and we've all been involved in random fuckery and ridiculousness over the years. You know it's swag when your cousins are basically cousins too.

Jacky here is a good egg. I just like this picture of him is all.

And then, there's Bean. A.K.A. Keino, Thrusting Wolf, Raindances with Hoes, Hercules Santana, and the list goes on. He photographs well, and is genetically engineered to drop them panties, ladies.

The muse

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Unsigned Hype (and damn Ripe)

Hip Hop has been at a weird crossroads for a while now, with established artists going different directions, and new cats coming with either traditional/old school flavor or something ridiculously out of left field. Say what you will about some of the former (Watch the Throne, *cough* mediocre aside from :Niggas in Paris" and Frank Ocean assists *cough*), but the latter have been bubbling to break out of the underground and gain their deserved recognition.

I've already mentioned the homegirl Iggy Azalea, and being the sparkplug that she is, she's been making waves, even catching the eye of the Boss Dogg himself

She's also been using her camera-friendly looks to keep cranking out videos. This is her most recent:

And then, there's David Sabastian. You'll be hearing plenty about this young man soon enough, I'm sure.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Jumblr (my lovenote to Blogger)


Don't know if I can ever take these off


you say

Super Creeper?



the Streets

Baby bottle or....?

Place is cool, but.....copyright infringement much? Ha!

The most righteous presents I ever wrapped, and the recipient probably didn't even care. Oh well...

Both from the Busy Bee Diner, on Main St. DownTown Ventura. On point.

Okonomiyaki during Nisei Week

PedoBear's lowering his standards

Add caption

Heart attack in my fingertips

Tri-County Fair in Bishop. Small towns humble me.

...must taste like heaven

What "bro"s...

Getting the headwear ready for the season

Sunday, November 06, 2011

Music for a Ferret

I get to be cryptic sometimes