Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Unsigned Hype (and damn Ripe)

Hip Hop has been at a weird crossroads for a while now, with established artists going different directions, and new cats coming with either traditional/old school flavor or something ridiculously out of left field. Say what you will about some of the former (Watch the Throne, *cough* mediocre aside from :Niggas in Paris" and Frank Ocean assists *cough*), but the latter have been bubbling to break out of the underground and gain their deserved recognition.

I've already mentioned the homegirl Iggy Azalea, and being the sparkplug that she is, she's been making waves, even catching the eye of the Boss Dogg himself

She's also been using her camera-friendly looks to keep cranking out videos. This is her most recent:

And then, there's David Sabastian. You'll be hearing plenty about this young man soon enough, I'm sure.