Saturday, December 31, 2011

Dozen Even Matter

Y2K was 12 years ago, wasn't that supposed to be the end of the world? Pffft. I'd like some people to disappear, then maybe I'd be able to get a better job and bring some life back to this brand and blog. Now, onto recent randomness

Pics on pics on pics

Manly Umami

It felt cool

Ironic, and entertaining. Thanks Gap!

She so S-M-R-T, enrolling at SMC

She hates me right now, and I kind of dislike her at the moment for treating me like a child when I treat her like a queen. C'est la vie.

This is Jeri. I've known her since we were singing munchkins, now we're drinking adults

The only difference is, I can hold my liquor way better, due to the fact that I'm way bigger. You're still a boss, J!

Yes, that's an actual pig's nose. Yes, My cousin Raynard is demented.

So is Keino, but he fancy though.

Every night we shufflin'

Shuffleboarding, that is.

Raspberry fromboise at The Oaks Tavern, Sherman Oaks, CA

If you don't know by now, get your ass here already

Special Foo Yung at Won's Coffee Shop, Van Nuys, CA

People going H.A.M. for ham from Honeybaked before Christmas

That ain't no butter knife, that's a butter SWORD

Homes grinning about the girl's posterior moments before her mom rained on our parade

Inside my local mall (Westfield Topanga). Rub it in my face that I'm broke, why don'tcha

Little cuzzos had a mini version of this game from childhood. Crocodile Dentist was the shit!


Stay, Abby, stay

The remnants of the LEGO aisle at a local Target the day after Christmas

Art from inside the OFWGKTA Pop-Up Store on Fairfax (no pictures, huh? FUCK RULES.)


Intense decision making in KTown. Castle Korean BBQ

Little Tokyo

Me and my nig stay hatin'. See you all in Two Thousand & Tw(hell)ve