Sunday, December 04, 2011

Future Replacement (for the) Solara

My Solara is hating me right now, since the transmission decided just the other day to show it's age by slipping worse than a Lucite-heeled hooker stepping on a banana peel. (Terrible, I know. So sue me!)

I'm pretty sure she knows her time with me is now endangered, mainly because the gag order from TMS USA corporate (aka my day job) has been lifted, regarding the highly-anticipated public unveiling of the Toyota/Subaru/Yamaha halo project to be known here Stateside as the Scion FR-S. Mike Chung and my favorite Japanese tuning firm TRUST/GReddy had first dibs on having an advanced production model to prototype some parts for and display at the official release event here in Hollywood a few days ago (photo credit goes to GReddy's Official Blog)
 Needless to say, I was impressed. I've always been a fan of the FT-86 concept, and now that the car is a reality, and my faithful land barge is now coming up on 11-years-old, well........only time and fortune will tell.

 Here's a cool vid with the car at full throttle, albeit with some unnecessary music kind of drowning it out (Way to go, half-assed marketing attempt! And yet, yours truly is still a freelancer, sigh).