Thursday, June 28, 2012

Flash and Pizzazz

Just a mish-mash of images from the Canoga Park Art Walk, Toyotafest 2012, and the now-infamous Krispy Kreme Tuesdays meet, as popularized by KCBS 2 News:

Sunday, June 03, 2012

Lana Del Rey's Popular Single

(reaching with that title, I know, but you know you got it, right? "Video Games"? No? Well, fuck you then!)

Last night, kid brother and I felt like taking a break from car-related stuff that's been going on all week(end) and decided to feed our geeky/artsy sides, so we took a trip down to GR2 to check out their video game culture-themed art exhibit entitled "Game Over", being co-hosted by fellow shirt purveyors/nerds Meat Bun. Check the flicks, some references/inspiration may be more immediately noticeable than others, but kudos to all the artists who participated, I was pleasantly surprised.

If I'd had a grand handy to buy some art pieces, it definitely would've been these Street Fighter figurines




I would've bought these Bobble dudes too, but htey weren't for sale. Damn...


These little wooden cabinets were awesome. Professor Pac-Man?!?

I have to dig my OG Game Boy out of storage

Game Gear was a beast




Choose your weapon

This Bowser in Japanese woodcut style was cool

There was definitely a lot of love for the Katamari series, and I definitely dug it!

The "Needlemouse" Mickey/Sonic mash-up

Can you spot the controller elements?

This makes me think a GB cartridge art show could be epic

Wild beasts, even the bandicoot


"Duck Hunt"

The little squirts getting down on the custom-built Super NES/NES console was fun. "Super Ghouls n' Ghosts" FTW

Spotted this super-clean all-original S130 280ZX when we rolled next door to Nijiya Market


There were still mad people around when we came back, but I'm not hipster enough to hang around needlessly; I only do that if a friend is one of the featured artists

Thanks again to Eric Nakamura and the entire Giant Robot family, I'm always glad to support and enjoy what you've been doing for the Asian-American community for the last 17+ years!