Thursday, February 09, 2012

Wars for Stars, Grub and Bars, Artsy-Fartsy, Ooh La La!

Life is funny(and at the same time unfunny). As this economy makes even the most patient and diligent of us cringe, I've still tried my very best to be the best me I can possibly be, all while still having fun with the individuals that are worth keeping in my company.

Went down to Known Gallery a whiles back to check out Sage Vaughn's Last Year exhibit, while also shopping Fairfax.

Of course, Jasper and the Odd Future numbskulls up to their usual fuckery

@Cafe '50s, Sherman Oaks

Damn, they were all sold out of "Let's Be Wild and Have Sex in the Victoria's Secret Dressing Room". BOO!

Last Thursday, Homer and I got in touch with our long-lost friend Christine and she had us show up VIP-style to her boyfriend EyeOne's soft opening for the Lipton Brisk-sponsored Brisk Bodega, with art inspired by the upcoming re-release of Star Wars Episode I in 3D

Can't get much gayer than Homezz engulfing a free DarkSaber Dog from The Greasy Wiener truck parked outside

A really bad pic of superproducer Just Blaze taking us back to to the good-not-so-old days
722 Figueroa is actually the old Kim Sing Theatre, on the outskirts of Chinatown. Which would explain the singular bathroom that had a mile-long line

Our hostess with the mostest, midway ducking out of a photo op. You're a champ, Christine!

I know, I'm a moron

EyeOne's "Death of Qui-Gon Jinn"

Leo Eguiarte's Anakin Skywalker


Mark Dean Veca's Darth Maul
A close-up on Jasper Wong's piece

You should've seen the product that was left over. Lipton, hook me up!

She's more naturally gifted and talented than she ever credits herself as being, but I know better.

I love my ferret.

Mr. Healthy and his two orders of Viet Egg Rolls. Don't let the greens fool you (it was all good!)

These two go together so well it almost disgusts me, but then I remember that I want the same thing. BTW, Brigitte, did you know Lance used to show his salamander to EVERYBODY?