Sunday, March 11, 2012

Chili Cheese Fries Dance, Nose Crinkle, Quiet Intensity

The things I do to keep from focusing in too hard on the one thing that's been rampant on my mind...

A common sight when you're in DTLA, but still really magnificent to stare at when you're sitting at a stoplight trying to get to the.....Central Library(!)
@Cha Chaa, North Hollywood (free Thai iced tea refills seal the deal! Too bad they close at 11PM nightly)
@Kyochon, Koreatown. The sampler. Piff.
@Krua Thai, North Hollywood. Cha Po, always a good default

Vans Mike Carroll (produced circa '96), and Vans MC for Supreme (produced 2012). Supreme script in Mike's handwriting, since he doesn't skate for Vans nowadays, what with co-owning Lakai and all)
Pink cars can be awesome, like this Lotus
This Kia though, uhhhhhh.....
Van nibbling on her birthday cake
Bri and Bri
It's going down, or not
Flip Cup tourneys galore for Lance's birthday
Lance picked a keeper. She's a champ at many things
Brig and faded boy, So fucking cute, these two.