Thursday, March 22, 2012


St. Patrick's Weekend seemed like a good opportunity to spring for a change of scenery and try to get my mind off of things that have been weighing much too heavy on the old noggin. Fuck it, me, Homer, and my high school chum Chris set out to get out, of town.
Cleaned the car up before we left, even though it was gonna rain. It's only slightly modified for 2012, but still present. I get a lot of questions asking: "Why the hearts?" They represent my continued optimism for that part of life that continues to kick me in the nuts.
It was actually kind of dry when I took this pic, but weather was pretty treacherous the whole drive down, and there were a lot of accidents along the way
Stowaway! Yna, Homer's attention-whore of a Pit/Shar-Pei mix, came with, since she was lonely and wanting to permanently relocate down to Mira Mea with my cousin/Homezz's sister.
Of course the night started blurry at Eldorado in Downtown SD, with cousin Tracy and her and Homer's cousin Marianne as our SD guides. (Ah, the Filipino-ness, smh sometimes lol)
The obligatory Car Bombs (we've really got to come up with a better, unoffensive name for these things) from some time that night
Chris and I stumbled down a few blocks to the Gaslamp, where we followed pedestrian commotion and found a full-on concert/rave
Jimmy Love's, man there were a crapload of people, green boobs/manboobs everywhere.
The stunner in the red stilettos had me buggin'. Long flowing brown hair, held a cig with an attitude, walk was mean, pretty shape and face, but when I called out the name I associate with all of that, and she whipped around, my heart froze. Her green eyes stared right at me, and saddened me because it wasn't "HER". She was a dime though, she had to be for me to even drunkenly mistake her for my "HER"
That moment proved to me that, no matter what, you are my kryptonite, ferret girl.
Woke up in Tracy's living room the next morning and spotted Homer getting comfy with not one, but TWO bitches
Headed down to La Jolla Cove to air out the hangovers
The giant breasts being on your left means it's back to life, back to reality..... Til next time