Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Down and Around Town

There's always a lot to discover and enjoy here in LA, often enough you don't really have to pay to do a lot of it either, just be resourceful and network with people who have "in's". Shit-talkers, naysayers, and people who've never been here seem to think Hollywood and Beverly Hills represent us as a whole, and that's simply not true. Yes, it is integral to the experience, but it's not the whole shebang. Sometimes, all you have to do is just walk to a part of an area you thought you'd seen everything in.

Little Tokyo
Attempting to get artsy

Fucking Homer. Damn, I'm fat

Not from eating this, though. We were curious, but didn't go in

What DOES a Lexus taste like?

Next time, we'll see if it flies right

An awesome soda shoppe setup, no longer used, but preserved inside of Mikawaya, makers of all of the decent mochi you've ever eaten
Tempted to pick a direction and see if it's accurate. Who wants to come with?

I tend to like my women a little more 3-dimensional, both physically and mentally. But hey, if she's hot and DTF, I guess that works too hahaha
I want to go to there

RUN DMC Superstars
A damn shame. One of my favorite places to buy gear from back in HS

You know Hall of Fame is doing something right when Jonah Hill asks to take a picture of my shirt graphic, which resembles something naughty, yet is just a woman's lips, turned sideways. I asked to take a pic of him taking a pic of me, and he obliged. Definitely a cool cat

Big ass Puma Clyde, big ass Chicken

San Pedro
Kid brother reminiscing coming to San Pedro and being able to enjoy such simple rides

No Krabby Patties, Spongebob, or Squidward?!? Damn it!

The shrimp/fish fajita platter with the massive-ass garlic bread was Pops-approved though. Hadn't had this in forever

Chinatown/Dodger Stadium
Full House, your Glazed Walnut Shrimp has never done me wrong, so I hold you responsible for this fortune coming true

Big Blue doing work against San Diego
Chingate, Padres

Little Tokyo (again) @ Hold Up Art/Wurstkuche

Oh Raisa, you poses too well

Stalking his prey

Was tempted to rip off the table paper in some sections and display/sell it in the gallery

Fairfax/Known Gallery
SSUR's "The Evil That Men Do" exhibit. These are all shirt graphics previously offered through Russ' line

Keino, after being denied entrance to the Golf Wang store to stock up on OF goods due to it mysteriously being closed, bumped into the lead wolf Tyler himself, so I had to take a pic of him and his idol.

North Hollywood
@Wat Thai Temple for Thai New Year and the Songkran Festival

Turbo, although I've suggested that his name be changed to "Awwwwww♥", since that's what every girl who saw him said

The Valley

Cuzzo Marti creepin

I wish I would've gotten a better pic of the front flip he pulled right after this where he ripped the crotch of his pants wide open. Breezies all still wanted to dance with him though
All that, but to come home to this. I wish she was inside, smiling and waiting for me. Where will I find a suitable substitute.... Oh wells, until the next episode...