Tuesday, May 15, 2012

One-Track Mind

Been a lot going on in life lately, and I have been documenting bits and pieces of it. However, the reigning subject matter is best illustrated in these two stills from "Initial D" that I fumbled over to get myself.

I guess it takes knowing the series/characters a bit more to truly get my reference(s), but it's like this: Takumi is a car guy, even if he doesn't obsess over it like his friends. He also really loves Natsuki. Natsuki could give a flying fuck about cars, but she really also loves Takumi. Takumi loves Natsuki, even knowing the fact that she worked in enjo-kōsai (aka prostitute, don't deny it).

I'm not saying the one for me necessarily has to have the same past, but I am someone with a backstory too, and experiences lead us to become who we are. I just want the one who desires me as much as I do her, regardless of what others say and do. Oh yeah, and have my cars be involved too, the cars take us places lol