Saturday, October 12, 2013

Her-she's Chocolate Sauce

This whole blogging thing feels so foreign to me nowadays, and that's a shame. 

In this age of TMI, social media overload, and Instafuckery, there's lots of actual good information, insight and visual stimulation that gets overlooked and covered up by bullshit.

So why I am I here, considering I have a presence in all the aforementioned BS? Because I still have a lot more to say/show, and no one platform lets me do it, and I own this damn domain and blog, so I'm gonna use it.

Sometimes I feel like I'm getting too old for all this, but I'm not that old, or am I? Hitting 3-0 is not something I've thought about much, but I'm fast approaching it, and fuck if I'm not bewildered by the time that's passed. I feel like, for as much as I think I've accomplished, there's even more shit that I haven't done, or have continually failed to do correctly, and it sucks. Kind of got school checked off, although I may try to go back for my Masters, Still doing car shit, but on my own terms and without input from false idols and backstabbing dumbfucks. Finding a career in this shit SoCal job market/economy.... I'm still relegated to freelancing and keeping up side hustles. Love, ha. Health, I've been lazy this past summer, but I do take a lot more things into consideration nowadays when I'm eating my bomb pizza and wings, like "Maybe I don't necessarily have to eat ALL of it, right now".  Regardless of all of this, I'm doing my damnedest to not let my creative self die.

So yeah, this happened. My trusty daily has seen and been through a lot, but the 110N got the better of her and me a while back
She's still in one piece though.  Hard to think I've been driving this thing for over a decade, but I still find little things to do it, and she still demands respect from an automotive community that preaches JDM/manual/fitment/FR only. I know and respect all of those aspects and it shows in both this and my other bucket. 
Yeah, she still looks a lot like it always has, but a LOT of crap has been changed/replaced/upgraded/modified in the last year. Aesthetically I have really nice wheels for it in my possession, but until I sort out the suspension, then I'll have her looking right. 
And then there's her. I never know just what to say or write about her, as she's as much a point of inspiration for me as I/she are a point of contention with those who know both of us. Fuck it and fuck the detractors though, it is what it is, even if we don't know what to do with it; the most beautiful and desirable things in this life are the ones you can never fully decipher or understand, you just have to see where the ride takes you.
These muhfuckers. T-GO, or a precursor to all things LaWhy. T-GO started simply as a phrase I and my friends John and Danny (the two white guys in the pic) would signal each other as to which girl in our geometry class was wearing a thong, nothing at all, or anything interesting in the back of our geometry class. Crazy to think we thought it'd be so easy to get money, bitches and rule the world when we were all high-schoolers together back before the millennium. Life has definitely thrown us all in different directions, to different parts of the country for a few of us. It's cool to know that we can still get together like this for personal milestones though, and sit around and talk shit to each other just like it was another lunch period back in Valencia (which I will never call Awesometown, that was OUR way of sarcastically calling out the "bro" population)
Still not loving police. Was questioned by staff of the Reagan Presidential Library after they took issue with my outfit, saying it was some sort of militant/radical/protest-y getup. Yee-haw, Murrca! Funny that a predominantly text T-shirt and some camo shorts can get such a reaction. Gives me hope that I can revive LaWhy? as a clothing/graphic line and that the relevancy will still be there.

What's to come from me here? Just gotta wait and see. Crazier things have happened, such as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles becoming popular and relevant to kids for a 3rd time in 25 years, or Hannah Montana coming into her own, twerking and showing side/underboob while riding a wrecking ball in a music video, as so appropriately imagined/illustrated here by PowderAKACaseyJones. So hopefully that means I can continue to bring you awesome shit to read and look at, and maybe expand my audience and get you to buy my shit. Only time will tell.